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  • Cordia Pearson


Jupia Saddle

The Jupia Jumping Saddle The ultimate Adam Ellis Saddles jumping saddle, with forward cut panels, coming with wool bag panels or rubber panels to ensure the optimal close contact feel. Made with the finest quality English leathers, in a wide range of beautiful colours and choice of piping to offer the individual look. Seats are designed for the more competitive rider, designed to ensure that the closest of contact with the horse, promoting feel between horse and rider. Designed to promote shoulder and knee flexion. Wool bag panels designed to ensure seem free gusset and a lighter feel. Adjustability to ensure a precise fit. Wide range of fits suitable for a broad range of competition horses. Designed to avoid pressure points. Designed to optimise rider balance. Forward cut flap, which is designed to suit the leg length and preferred riding length of each rider. Soft padded knee and thigh rolls, designed to specific needs of each rider. Option of Four girth straps to ensure that girthing options are available. Calf covered option ensure a soft ‘broken in’ feel from new and also offers added grip for stability of rider. Designed to order. Can be made with gusted panel.

Comes in a variety of colors (not all photographed) 16.5" - 18" Stock or to template.

ADAM ELLIS JUPIA JUMP SADDLE: Depending on the options choosen, $2795.00

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to



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