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  • Cordia Pearson


Paragon Saddle

The Paragon Jumping Saddle The Paragon Jumping Saddle offers all the luxury and quality associated with any Adam Ellis Saddle but with a more traditional look and feel. The Paragon is a high quality forward cut English leather jumping saddle. Offering a slightly deeper seat to that of the Adam Ellis Botham jump saddle, but continuing to offer comfort, stability and security preferred by riders who may be riding for long periods of time and/or requiring added reassurance whilst jumping. This makes the Paragon particularly suitable for hunting, team chasing and hunter trials as well as novice to intermediate show jumping and event riders. The Paragon has also proved to be popular with USA and Canada’s Hunter Jumper riders. High quality English leather. Forward cut designed to the preference of the rider and their chosen riding length. Wooden spring tree. Comes with lambswool flocking in traditional gussets. Soft padded knee and thigh rolls. Triple padded seat, offering comfort and placing the rider in the central point of gravity. Designed to avoid pressure points. Designed to be easily adjustable. Choice of piping and leathers to ensure an individual look. Designed to order. Triple padded seat.

Adam Ellis Paragon Jump Saddle: Beings at $2795.00 depending on the options selected.


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