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  • Cordia Pearson


The Chloe Saddle

The Chloe Jump Saddle

  • Chloe Close Contact Jump Saddle – with Wool Bag Panels or Rubber Panels

  • The Chloe Close Contact Jumping Saddle is a forward cut, close contact jumping saddle designed to ensure the closest contact between horse and rider.

  • Chloe Close Contact Jump Saddle comes with;

  • Wide range of high quality English leathers, wide range of piping to ensure an individual look to each saddle.

  • Handcrafted, including every seat which is handcrafted to ensure that the seat is adapted to the needs of the jumping rider and promotes the rider is nearer to the centre point of gravity.

  • Chloe Close contact Jump Saddle is designed to optimise the rider’s position, offering a secure position with soft padded knee and thigh rolls which are designed to the needs of each individual rider.

  • Chloe Close Contact Jump Saddle is designed to promote free movement of the shoulder for jumping and competition horses and ponies.

  • Close contact feel is offered to horse and rider by the use of wool bag panels or rubber panels. Wool bag panels are softer, lighter and designed to ensure that there are no gussets which can rub sensitive horses, offer a more precise fit to each horse. The wool bag panels ensure that adjustments to the saddle are easier to undertake should your horse change shape.

  •  Comes with a wide range of wooden spring trees suitable for horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes. worldwide.

  •  Square cantle in the Chloe Jump Saddle ensures that body protectors are not hindered and enable free movement of the rider over fences.

  •  Each saddle is designed with soft padded knee and thigh rolls which are handcrafted and adapted to the needs of the rider, ensuring that leg position is optimised for jumping.

  •  The Chloe Jump Saddle can be made using calf leathers or buffalo leather, which ensure that your saddle arrives with a soft ‘broken in’ feel from the start; leathers are immediately softer and gives riders a feeling of added grip.

  •  Comes in a variety of color options. (NOT ALL PHOTOGRAPHED) 16.5" - 18" stock or to template.

ADAM ELLIS JUPIA JUMP SADDLE: Depending on the options chosen, beginning at $2795.00

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to



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