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About Saddlefitter


Cordia Pearson

Society of Master Saddlers

Certified Saddle Fitter

The first book in my high fantasy series, Day Without Dawn
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I made my first horse out of a sock, with a yarn mane and button eyes. My second horse was a Morgan colt sired by Applevale Storm King. That day I became a life-long addict to the Equine race.

Morgans and a fine art degree drove me to become a saddle fitter. A mare I adored went through three dressage saddles before I got it right. Thereafter, my training horses and riding students drove my search for saddles which worked for all breeds and disciplines.

My mentors in the industry included Major Jeremy Beale of Laser Saddles, who rode Dressage for Great Britain in the Olympics, and taught me how to flock. Ralph Schmitt of Thornhill, got me a slot for testing as a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter when an opening did not exist.

In the nineteen years which followed, I have saddled thousands of horses in all disciplines and honed my knowledge of bare bar Western saddlefitting. My abiding love of riding and horses have made me “An Artist with a Flocking Iron.” 

As you can see above, I also write fiction. If you love stories chock full of horses, riders, star-crossed fated lovers and found family, check it out!

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