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  • Cordia Pearson

ADAM Ellis Fenwick Genera Purpose Saddle

Customizable to your tastes and made in England.

Our General Purpose saddles have been developed to allow riders to use one saddle both over fences and on the flat. These saddles have deep seats with a long, but somewhat forward flap. The design is intended to be a compromise between the flatter “close contact” jumping saddle with a forward flap, and deep-seated dressage saddle with a long, straight flap.

Ideal for trail riding, endurance riding and casual hacking. Quality and balance are critical factors to consider when purchasing a General Purpose saddle and the Adam Ellis designs have been refined to offer greater security and comfort to the rider and are constructed using the same, finest quality, leather as the rest of our range.

Adam Ellis Fenwick General Purpose Saddle 16.5" - 18" Begins at $2795.00, depending on options selected.

19" $2850.00


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