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  • Cordia Pearson

RYDER Bruno Dressage Saddle


The Bruno dressage saddle is made on the same tree as our Legacy saddle which is a more open tree. It has aesthetically moulded knee blocks that aid with the riders leg position and offers plenty of support to the rider. This saddle really does put you in the perfect position. This saddle is a monoflap saddle making it a lighter saddle than a traditional double flap saddle, the positioning of the girth as standard has the front girth strap free and loose behind the point allowing the horse to be free through the shoulder, the rear strap in on a swinger which keeps the rear of the saddle stable. This saddle can be fully customised in all aspects.

Prices start at $3900, depending on options selected.

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to


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