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  • Cordia Pearson

RYDER Bellagio Dressage​ Saddle

Bellagio Dressage

This Bellagio dressage is very neat in appearance a lightweight mono saddle with our own double SS panel and benefits from a shorter flap that really allows for the rider to use their leg and seat aids effectively as well as a more forward angled block. The balance of this seat is perfect for allowing the rider to be in the correct place in the saddle. The panel design of this saddle is super comfy for horses and we are seeing greater movement not just in the shoulder but also the horse really starting to come through from behind. It is available in all the Ryder colour specifications and the flap length can be altered as required.

Prices start at $3900, depending on options selected.

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to


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