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  • Cordia Pearson

KJB All That Jazz

Hunka-hunka!!! Jazz offers the rare opportunity to access Waseeka's Nocturne crossed with Senator Graham and Breezy Cobra---the same bloodlines that made Nocturne himself. His sire, Waseeka's Thunderbolt represents classic Waseeka breeding. His dam was an inspired cross between Senator Barr, sired by Senator Graham crossed to a Breezy Cobra daughter, whose dam was Breezy's full brother, Hurricane Lake.

Jazz is a "huge" personality. Highway cones, muck buckets, stall balls, you name it, can become a toy! This can be a problem when he decides to turn it on while in his paddock, located next to Sunrise Road. The reason? More than one person has almost driven into the ditch, heads cranked near 180, watching the show. He even plays soccer, Spanish Riding School style. The ball is a large hard plastic stall ball with a "bung" he's able to hold in his mouth. He'll go up on his hinds and fling the ball, whirl and nail it mid-air, shooting it an easy 50 feet! Giving chase at a gallop, he'll pounce and make the circuit of his paddock, shaking the rattles inside. With any luck, this will win the admiring attention of the mares in the paddock to the east (and not create an accident on the road!) When we mow his paddock, we get to pick up the "remains" of highway cones brought him by admiring friends (who have been know to cruise construction sites at 3AM just to watch this horse at play.) BTW, this quality may be prove genetic as his foals have been know to grab a bag whip and chase the rest of the herd.

This show off quality helped earn him a 3rd in the World Park Saddle Championship and numerous Park Saddle Championships. Now retired from the show ring, he keeps fit with daily turnout and saddle work with Cordia. As a breeding horse, he is an attentive gentleman and seems to recognize his children when they are led past his stall, greeting them with a different tone of voice and attitude reserved for his own. We feel he is an extremely special individual and deserving of the finest of mares!

Stud Fee: $2000


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