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  • Cordia Pearson

Avatar's Incantation


It's not uncommon, believing breeding an average mare to a World Champion stallion will result in another World Champion. Take a quick tour of auction results. An eye-opening number of foals (some of them three years old) don't sell for their sire's stud fee, much less expenses. Granted, there are mares who express the stallion's qualities, but they are called "Blue Hen" mares, suggesting just how rare such ladies are.

Knowledgeable breeders realize that their mares account for 60% to 70%of their foals' characteristics. They seek a stallion who will improve upon their mares---that equally rare creature---the Improvement Sire.

From birth, we knew Avatar's Incantation (Josh) had that "Avatar" look. After his first breeding season, we knew he had the brains and sweetness. And now after nine breeding seasons, we can say with confidence that he has confirmed his status as an Improvement Sire.

All Avatar stallions' stud fees are determined by the prices their foals bring at less than two years of age. The target sale price is a multiple of three to four times their sire's stud fees. Our reasoning is simple. Raising horses is a labor of love and a serious investment of cash. There should be some reward beyond the delight of having babies around the farm! Our senior stallions, Joey and Jazz, have never failed this formula. And now, we can say the same about Josh.

Josh is nine generations from the breeds progenitor, Justin Morgan, who was a prepotent sire. All mares brought to Justin resulted in foals that had the qualities and looks of their sire. And while on the topic of breed qualities, we should mention that Josh's disposition is incredibly gentle as are his colts. Click on Incantation's Pedigree page for a more detailed discussion and his sire's page, Funquest Bosquejo for a look at some of the great horses behind the names.

Stud Fee: $1800


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