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  • Cordia Pearson


The Adam Ellis Style Dressage Saddle

The STYLE is designed with style and performance in mind. The highest quality of dressage saddles, specifically designed to suit high withered horses and finer bred of horses which have specific design requirements. This saddle really is the penultimate design in dressage saddles.

  •  Beautiful design, modern twist with diamante styling which capture the natural sparkle and glamour of this high quality saddle.

  •  Designed to ensure equal weight distribution essential for all horses, particularly finer and more sensitive horses.

  •  Excellent design of spinal clearance essential to ensure that freedom of the horse’s movement is not hindered and pressure points are avoided.

  •  Designed to promote the movement and freedom required for high performance dressage horses

  •  Deep seated, placing the rider in the most central point of gravity, essential for assisting with balance, stability and control

  •  Built internal large knee roll, which offers riders stability and promotes correct rider position

  •  Triple padded seat 17" -18.5"

  •  Y system girthing

  •  Lambs wool flocking

  •  Dual flap design

  •  Designed to maximize should movement

  •  Designed to avoid pressure points

  •  Wide choice of leathers and piping to ensure an individual look

ADAM ELLIS STYLE DRESSAGE SADDLE: $2995.00, depending on whether any options are choosen.

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to



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