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  • Cordia Pearson


The Avanti is deep seated dressage saddle with a close contact feel of the horse and the perfectly engineered soft exterior knee roll that offers rider stability and correct position. The seat is double padded. A 'Y' system of girthing, lamb's wool flocking, the shoulder gussets maximize horse shoulder movement. Your choice of dual flap (pictured) or mono-flap. Wide choice of leathers and piping color options. 16.5" TO 18.5" seat. Calf leather option (& $100) for instant broken in soft ride.

Beautiful and classical designed, deep seated dressage saddle, designed to promote a close contact feel, with seats at the centre point of gravity. This saddle is styled to provide a traditional designed dressage saddle, offering a high quality handcrafted saddle made by Great British saddle makers Adam Ellis Saddles.

  •  Designed to offer a more classical and traditional design of dressage saddle

  •  Designed for riders who desire quality, traditional and classical style of dressage saddle

  •  High quality leathers, in a range of finishes and options of individualisation

  •  Built in large knee roll, which offers riders stability and promotes correct rider position

  •  Triple padded seat

  •  Handcrafted saddle, using the highest grade leathers and materials

  •  Y system girthing

  •  Lambs wool flocking

  •  Dual flap

  •  Designed to maximise shoulder movement

  •  Designed to avoid pressure points

  •  Wide choice of leathers and piping to ensure an individual look

  •  Calf leather optional for a soft ‘broken in feel’ (additional cost)

  • To stock width or template

$2895.00, depending on any options choosen.

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to



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