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  • Cordia Pearson


Bonnie Eventer Saddle

The Bonnie Eventer saddle is the most recently designed event saddle for the modern sports horse and aimed at the more professional rider with a laid back cantle for a flatter seat. Offering high quality design, leather and finish this saddle is beautiful to look at and to ride in. Lighter design, with a single flap design, wool felt panel or rubber panels, which ensure that riders are provided with the closest feeling with their horse. Customize to your heart's desire!

  • Single flap mono event.

  • Forward cut, designed to the leg length of the rider.

  • Optimal close contact feel.

  • Suitable for the modern sports horse.

  • Wool bag or rubber panels.

  • Wooden spring tree.

  • Designed to provide the rider with the closest point of gravity.

  • Laid back cantle for a flatter seat.

  • Designed to promote shoulder and knee flexion.

  • Wool bag panels designed to ensure seem free gusset and a lighter feel.

  • Adjustability to ensure a precise fit.

  • Wide range of fits suitable for a broad range of competition horses.

  • Designed to avoid pressure points.

  • Designed to optimize rider balance. 16.5" - 18" Seat, stock sizes or to template.

ADAM ELLIS BONNIE EVENTER: Depending on extra options choose, starting at $2995.00

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to



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