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Vienna II Dressage Saddle

The Vienna II features a slightly deeper seat and stitched knee pads which frame and support the leg. The billet suspension system includes a front billet drawing off the saddle tree points. It lays under the knee block and exits near the bottom of the flap, thereby securing the front of the saddle with superior authority. The middle and back billets are joined by a "V". I find that the tree and panels offer a great communication between horse and rider in the Vienna II. The architecture of the tree and the construction of the seat allows you to correctly ride the twist, which is on the narrower side. Perhaps the feature I like the best on this saddle is the way the padding under the flap frames the thigh. It makes it very easy to allow the thigh to align itself to the horse's sides and thereby obtain a correct hip to heel line.

The saddle is made with a lightly grained black bridle leather that breaks in beautifully. Five Year warranty on the saddle tree. See below for suggested fittings to this saddle.

First, a bit about the saddle's heritage. If you remember the days when Passier® was "the" saddle, you might have had friends who owned one and acted like a dog with a juicy bone--not big into sharing their saddle with other riders. The Vienna II is very like those older, much beloved Passier saddles, specifically the original Grand Gilbert.

15" available in Wide 34 cm tree.

16" in Medium 32 cm & Wide 34 cm tree.

17", 17.5 &18" seat sizes in Medium 32 cm, Wide 34 cm & Extra Wide 36 cm. 19" & 20" seat available in Medium 32 cm, Wide 34 cm & Extra Wide 36 cm.

15" to 18" Saddlefitter Price $1195.00

19" to 20" seat $1295.00

Returned or exchanged saddles will be charged a flat $35 fee.


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