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  • Cordia Pearson

RYDER Olympic Dressage Saddle

The Olympic

The Olympic saddle is a great first time dressage saddle as it is available in many different options. It can be made as a dual flap saddle with a selection of velcro knee rolls to allow for changes in riding style as training progresses, as a dual flapped with a fixed roll or as a mono saddle with the block on the outside. It has a low rise pommel and an open seat which is of medium depth.The girth strap on a standard model is from the point for the front one and the rear is on a swinger. However these can customised to accommodate different horses girth grooves position. Tis saddle is suitable for medium weight type horses. As with our other saddles this is available in any choice of colour or leather.

Prices start at $3900, depending on options selected.

For more info call 651-462-5654 or send an email to


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