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L & R Berkeley Dressage Saddle

This saddle is uniquely treed. Wood/spring steel with the perfect modifications for today's big moving Dressage horses, the flare in the front of the tree and swallowtail points allow the shoulders true freedom. With a two position point billet, whichever setting your horse likes best, you can further free the shoulders. The back billet is on a sliding "D."

Exceptional comfort for the rider with a narrow twist yet very close contact.

This saddle is also available in an internal block version, your choice of length, width and height of blocks on Velcro.

The Berkeley comes in 16.5 to 20" seats, in stock or custom tree width. All wool flocking and Clayton's finest French Calf finish or natural finish Buffalo leather. Black or Havana.

$4050.00 plus shipping

The Ultra Berkeley which rides like a monoflap

$4250.00 plus shipping

20" tree plus $800

Extra Forward Flaps plus $25o

Extra Long Flaps plus $250

Wool Serge panels no additional cost. Two position point billet setting shown in second image.


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