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Strada St. Christopher Endurance Saddle

There is so much unusual about the Strada, it is difficult to know where to begin. Why? Well, the Strada is a rider's saddle. By that I mean the kind of rider who can bareback, ride saddle seat, jump or go thirty miles in a day. The Vienna is the antithesis of our modern deep Dressage saddle. It comes in one seat size and amazingly, be the rider 6' 2" or 5' tall, it works. It also comes in six different tree shapes--geometric to six different horse body types. Each tree fixed in the pommel, yet flexible over the loin. And then there are the panels, which shape themselves to the horse's back within one minute. Unique 12 pound Custom treed, memory foam panel.

I invite you to explore Ilga's website. Strada Saddles (Click to go to Ilga's site.)

We have almost all the tree styles in stock for a test ride.


Includes delivery and duty


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