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  • Cordia Pearson

Hard to Find Strada Endurance Saddle

Complete with matching leathers and Strada pad. This is built on the C tree which fits a wide range of horses. These are unique saddles in that the space age panel made wool felt and heat sensitive foam molds to the horse's back within a few minutes of tacking. Also one-of- kind in that the back one-third of the tree is made of Kelvar and one side flexes independent of the other with the horses movement.

Now that both the saddles' orginal designer and maker are out of the picture, these will become increasingly difficult to find. If uncertain which tree would work best with your horse, email me. I have the trees on hand and can determine whether this would be a good choice for your mount.

New these sold for $3000.00

$1495.00 plus any tax or shipping.

For more information email me:

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