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Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter

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Thornhill Saddles - - Affordable Quality

To find an affordable, quality English saddle is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Price is sadly not a good guideline.   When I attend the KOP Trade Show each January, I sit a conservative 150-200 different saddles, always on the lookout for something exceptional, be it in technology, comfort, quality or price.  Once a saddle passes that test, it is then put through the wringer on my own horses.  Only then, do I say, aye or nay.  I've been saying "Yes!" to Thornhill for eight years.

Beyond the time I spend on the phone with Ralph, and Karla, and Barb, and Sarah. I've been in their barn, I've been at their table.  This is not a corporation; this is a rider run and driven business.  To say a company has heart is way overused.  But I will say the only saddle makers I work with are real people, with real skills and the ethics and standards it takes to hold their heads high in a marketplace filled with duckers and weavers.  Thornhill's founder and Marketing Director, Ralph Schmidt, sends his new designs all over the nation to be test ridden by top riders so that the company can make informed decisions as they improve their designs. 

The saddles are affordable for several reasons.  #1, while the leather is purchased in England and Europe, many of the saddles are built in workshops run by Master Saddlers located in Argentina.  Some are still built in England and Germany.  #2, they are not wastrels in advertising.  #3 and perhaps most importantly, they know what they are doing and are not newcomers to the market being taken by constant surprise at the volatility that is saddle making.  They test their saddles, before they commit to making them.

I work with clients all over the US and it is always a delight, when someone gets their new Thornhill and sends me an email with a subject line of "It's Perfect!"

And now, onto the grand overview!  Click the name of your interest:

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